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Eye tests and prescriptions

We recommend that you should have your eyes tested every two years, to check for degradation of your eyesight and to screen for disease. Our tests include checks of your MACULAR and tests for GLAUCOMA and CATARACT.

DIABETICS : eye tests for diabetic eye disease and report sent to your G.P.

REFERRAL : referral where indicated to an Eye Specialist.

CHILDREN : it is recommended all children have an eye test at early primary school. Children covered by a pension or health card can obtain subsidised glasses from as little as $41.10


Alpine Eye Care now has O.C.T. available , plus HFA visual field analysis. Using the Zeiss OCT 4000 , and a Zeiss HFA field analyser , Brendan can assess your macular and optic nerves. These two additions complement the Kowa fundus camera that Brendan has had for a number of years. Information from all three is stored and can be assessed for changes at subsequent examinations. Early detection of glaucoma , macular degeneration , diabetic eye disease , and other changes to the optic nerves and retina , allows for earlier referral for Ophthalmological care.

Some fees apply.


Great range of designer glasses

A pair of glasses isn’t just about having great sight, it’s about looking great too. Experience our professional optometrist and opticians services in Myrtleford for yourself and check out our huge variety of brands and eyewear styles.

If you prefer the ‘no glasses’ look, ask our friendly staff about soft contact lenses and multifocal contact lenses. 

# spare specs - if reliant on your glasses , always have a usable spare.

# prescription sunglasses.

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